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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 9 October 2009

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For a bank that has its larger chunk of operations conducted online, security and uptime are the two prime concerns. Citibank scores high on both these areas and offers facilities, such as bill payments, email alerts and account tracking, which make online banking easy and the Citibank card login information is the doorway to accessing all these facilities.

Citibank Card Login: Registration Process

To access a credit account, it is important that the card and the user both get registered on the site for generating a unique logging ID. The registration process requires the following information:

·        First name and middle name or initial

·        Last name

·        Address, city, province, postal code

·        E-mail address

·        Mother's maiden name/security word

Citibank Card Login: Making Payments

Making payments requires a checking account and information, such as the routing number and the bank’s name. The payments get posted within 2 business days.

To cancel a payment, the user needs to get in touch with customer services or use the ‘Modify a Payment’ feature available on the ‘Payment History’ page if the payment status is in the scheduled status.

There are other types of payment status as well, such as scheduled status, that the payment tab displays from time to time. Here is a quick explanation of what each status means:

·        Pending status: As the name suggests, this status means that the payment is in process and is yet to be complete.

·        Complete: This status gets displayed when the payment gets posted to the account.

·        Canceled: This shows up when a scheduled payment is cancelled.

·        Rejected: There are times when due to various reasons, such as incorrect information, the bank rejects a payment. This status defines such situations.

Since websites are vulnerable to hacking and frauds, Citibank utilizes multi layered security measures that minimize the possibility of frauds. Citibank card login features services such as:

·        Unique internet password: This code is a combination of eight characters and expert advice to select a password that is easy to remember but tough to guess.

·        Virtual keyboard: Software is used to record the keystrokes of a keyboard. To eliminate the possibility of such frauds, the virtual keyboard works on the clicks of a mouse.

Citibank card login is also certified by ‘VeriSign’, which allows the session to be encrypted.

You can find out more about Citibank Card Login at the website. is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided by the Citigroup family of companies. Citibank Credit card is a brand owned by Citibank, part of Citigroup Inc.

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