Belk Credit Card Payment Online

October 9, 2009Online Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Before making a Belk credit card payment online, the card holder needs to register himself on the site to activate his online account. Once logged in, a user can:

  • Pay bills of other service providers
  • Pay towards the Belk account through his checking account

Belk credit card payment online works in the same fashion as other payment services do. The card holder needs to have a checking account. Once the payment process is set up, card holders can schedule a payment on a recurring or one-time basis.

Belk Credit Card payment Online: Other Facilities

Besides making one’s Belk credit card payment online, an account holder can perform a host of other actions, such as:

  • Subscribe for Check Free service to receive bills electronically and avoid paper mails
  • Check the account balance
  • Check the reward points earned and redeem them online
  • Pay bills
  • Check recent activity
  • Download transactions in all the commonly used formats
  • Add authorized users
  • Update personal information and change passwords

Belk Credit Card Payment Online: Security

Although the Belk website is secured server based, there are a few precautions that an online user needs to exercise to avoid getting into any unfavorable situation:

  • Never access your online account on a public computer.
  • Always delete the cookies and ‘Internet Temporary Files’ once you have logged out.
  • Never disclose your account logging information to others.
  • Set passwords that are not valid English words. Think abstractly and choose a password that is easy to remember but tough to guess.
  • Always check the URL’s spelling properly. There are many impersonator websites that have almost similar spellings and try to steal your confidential information.
  • Do not click on links sent via email that refer to your Belk accounts yet have an unknown sender.

Online users who perceive any suspicious activities must contact customer services immediately. An online user can also interact with customer services through the mail center of his Belk account. It is also advisable to read through GE Money Bank’s policies, since the Belk credit card payment online service is controlled by GE Money. You can find out more about Belk Credit Card Payment at the website, operated by GE Money. Belk Credit Card is a brand owned by Belk Inc and Belk eCommerce LLC. Ge Money is a brand name of General Electric. 

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