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July 16, 2010US Companiesby EconomyWatch


Time Warner was ranked #84 in 2008 Forbes Global 2000 list. Time Warner's decent performances vis-a-vis sales, assets, and profits, helped this firm to be ranked in top 100 public companies listed by Forbes.
Time Warner's headquarters is located in New York, United States of America. It serves broadcasting, internet, publishing, and telecommunications industries. Time Warner owns subsidiaries like New Line Cinema, Time Warner Cable, UBU Productions, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Cartoon Network, CNN, Turner Broadcasting System, and DC Comics.

Brief history
Time Warner was established in 1990 as a result of a merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications. In October 1996, Time Warner took over Turner Broadcasting System. AOL bought Time Warner for $164 billion in 2000.

Popular brands
Time Warner's subsidiaries own some popular brand names. Brands under AOL LLC. Include AOL, AOL Radio, CompuServe, MapQuest, Netscape, and Weblogs. Popular brands held by Time Warner Cable are Road Runner, and local, US news channels like Metro Sports, Capital News 9, R News, News 8 Austin, and News 14 Carolina.

Home Box Office owns HBO, Cinemax, HBO Video, HBO Films, and HBO Asia. Turner Broadcasting System owns brands like Cartoon Network, CNN, CNN Radio, Pogo, and TNT. Some popular Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. brands include Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Television, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group.

In 2007, Time Warner conducted sales amounting to around $47.32 billion. Total profits made by this firm were about $3.661 billion. This company held assets worth nearly $136.728 billion. Around same time, about 86,400 employees were working with Time Warner.

Awards and recognition
At 59th Emmy Awards hosted in September 2008, Time Warner got 35 awards. Twenty six awards were won by HBO, five awards by Warner Bros. Television, and four by Turner Broadcasting. In June 2008, Warner Bros. Television won 7 awards at 35th Annual Creative Daytime Emmys.

Current financial crisis
Time Warner has not been significantly affected by global financial crisis. In fact, Time Warner's 2008 Q3 results have exceeded market expectations. Time Warner generated a net income of around $1.07 billion.

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