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In 2008, Intel Corp. was ranked #93 in Forbes list of largest, global public companies. A strong market value and good profits performance helped Intel Corp. to be listed within top 100 Forbes Global 2000 companies.
Intel Corp. is listed on Nasdaq and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Headquarters of Intel Corp. is located in Santa Clara, California. This public company conducts business operations in different worldwide locations including Japan, European Union countries, South Korea, and United States of America.

Brief history
Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce founded Intel in 1968. They founded this company shortly after leaving Fairchild Semiconductor. Andy Grove was third employee to join hands with Moore and Noyce. In fact, it was Andy Grove who was significantly responsible for this company’s growth throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Towards end of 1990s, Intel had achieved recognition as one of world’s most successful businesses.

Products and services
Intel Corporation offers several useful notebook and desktop products. Intel products include processors, chipsets, desktop, motherboards, notebook, mobile internet devices, business personal computers, workstations, server, storage, Intel graphics, consumer electronics, and software. Intel also offers embedded and communications products like wireless networking, desktop adapters, and server adapters.

In 2007, total sales made by Intel Corp. were worth about $40.072 billion. This public company made profits of about $7.329 billion. Total assets held by Intel Corp. were worth around $52.719 billion. Around that period, more than 86,200 employees were working for Intel Corp.

Awards and recognition
In October 2008, US Environmental Protection Agency recognized Intel as its “Partner of the Year”. In February 2008, CRO Magazine ranked Intel #1 in its list of 100 Best Corporate Citizens. In 2008 Intel was also identified as one of “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers”. This firm was also included in Fortune magazine’s list of world’s Most Admired Companies.

Current financial crisis
Intel Corp. has expressed fears about its business getting hit if major suppliers become solvent due to global financial crisis. Solvency of suppliers may cause product delays for Intel. But Q3 results posted by Intel have exceeded Wall Street expectations.

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