Prepaid Credit Card Canada- Your Options

January 20, 2010Canada Credit Cardsby EW Content Team


A prepaid credit card Canada is very similar to a bank debit card. In a sense it is not a credit card at all because the cardholder does not borrow any money and none is required to be paid back.  Both MasterCard and Visa make these cards available to consumers. The cards can be used at any number of establishments and are similar in nature to secured credit cards. As the holder of the card you deposit money in the prepaid account. When the funds get low it is your responsibility to add more.

One good reason to get a prepaid credit card Canada is if you have no credit as of yet. You have to start somewhere when it comes to a credit card and this is as good a place as any. This type of card offers guaranteed approval and is an excellent place to start your credit rating.

If you have run into money troubles in the past that have left a negative dent on your credit score then a prepaid Canadian card is a way to start back down the road to repairing what has been broken. Dust your knees off and prepare to start to do the work to turn your credit score from not so good to shiny bright and in stellar shape.

Having a bad credit score can cause a great deal of inconvenience for you from doing everything from booking an airplane ticket or a hotel room to applying for a mortgage or a loan for your car or business. Do not let a bad credit score keep you down. Look to a prepaid credit card Canada right away.

Not having a credit card can make life problematic at times, for the reasons previously mentioned. If you enjoy travelling or have a job that sends you on business trips then you know all about how many problems you can run into when you do not have a credit card. This is where a prepaid credit card Canada can make your life so much easier. Such a card provides you with the flexibility and ease that people who already have a standard credit card enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

With a prepaid card you can make your payments online. You can also put down a security deposit for as little as $75 to $100. The good aspect of a prepaid card is that there is no credit risk because there is technically no credit extended, thus the name a prepaid credit card Canada.

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