Revenue Receipts

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Revenue receipts comprise interest and dividends on investment made by the government. Revenue receipts and capital receipts together implies the government's total cash inflow.

India Budget: 1998-99

In the 1998-99 budget, Government of India estimated a net revenue increase of Rs.16,055 crore.

India Budget: 2007-08

The total estimated revenue receipt of 2007-08 is Rs.2144576 lakhs, which is Rs.1904283 lakhs more than the corresponding figure in 1990-91. The Taxes and Duties constitute Rs.1759128 lakhs and Non-tax revenues constitute 17.97% of the total Revenue. For the year 2006-07 (Revised), the corresponding figure of Taxes and Duties shared 80.13% of total revenue receipts and Non-tax revenue shared 19.87% of total revenue receipts. In comparison to the year 1990-91, the tax revenue increased by 863.06% and Non-Tax revenue increased by 568.80 percent.

Revenue receipts are arranged into two categories, namely Tax revenue and Non-tax revenue.

Tax Revenue

Items Budget Estimates(In crore of Rupees) 2004-2005 2005-2006 Corporation Tax 88436 110573 Taxes on Income 50929 66239 Service Tax 14150 17500 Taxes of Union Territories 624 733 Wealth Tax 145 265 Customs 54250 53182 Union Excise Duties 109199 121533 Total - Tax Revenue 317733 370025


Non-Tax Revenue

Items Budget Estimates(In crore of Rupees) 2004-2005 2005-2006 Other Non-Tax Revenue 18973 28005 Non-Tax Revenue of Union Territories 618 729 Interest receipts, dividends and profits 55825 49000 Total - Non-Tax Revenue 75416 77734


Custom revenues

Items Budget Estimates(In crore of Rupees) 2004-2005 2005-2006 Basic Duty 33206.00 27636.00 Additional Duty of Customs on High Speed Diesel Oil 6.00 14.00 Education Cess 750.00 1046.00 National Calamity Contingent Duty 365.00 372.00 Cesses on Exports 180.00 208.00 Additional Duty of Customs(CVD) 19386.00 23110.00 Other Receipts 355.00 796.00 Total 54250.00 53182.00


Revenue receipts; Related terms
  • Revenue budget: Revenue budget comprises the revenue expenditure and revenue receipts of the government.
  • Revenue expenditure:It is related to day to day functioning of the business, like salaries and wages.
  • Revenue surplus:It is the excess or surplus of revenue receipts over revenue expenditure.


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