Tennessee Bonds (Tennessee Municipal Bonds)

November 11, 2009Municipal Bondsby EconomyWatch Content


Tennessee bonds are issued by various government agencies of the state,

such as Sports Authority and Electricity Board, to help meet their financial
requirements for community projects.

Various Tennessee

Some of the popular Tennessee bonds are:

  • City of Chattanooga
    bonds: The fourth largest city of Tennessee,
    Chattanooga typically issues general
    obligation bonds to meet the financial requirements of diverse
    development programs and capital projects
    every alternate year. Standard &
    Poor's upgraded the City of Chattanooga
    from an AA to AA-plus rating in December 2008 on the basis of the city's
    continued economic growth and consistently strong financial position. During
    the same time, Fitch Ratings also affirmed its AA bond rating for the city
    and gave the city a stable outlook.
  • City
    of Knoxville
    bonds: The city offers general obligation and tax bonds to collect funds
    for its various capital projects. The safety profile of the bonds issued
    by the city, such as $40.0 million electric system revenue bonds, is
    typically high. Moody's gave an Aa3 rating in October 2009. Meanwhile, Fitch
    rated the city’s bonds AA+ in January 2009, as it believed that the city’s
    overall debt levels were moderate and it had ample financial reserves that
    could mitigate the risks associated with a shifting interest rate
  • Shelby County bonds: The county issues municipal
    revenue and general obligation bonds, such as $60,000,000 General
    Obligation Public Improvement and School Bonds 2009 Series B, to collect
    funds for its projects for public improvement. Bonds issued by the Memphis
    and Shelby County Sports Authority, like Tennessee's $134 million of
    revenue refunding bonds, were assigned an 'A' rating by Fitch Ratings in
    June 2009. Part of the proceeds was used to construct an arena for Memphis' National
    Basketball Association franchise.
  • City
    of Memphis bonds: The general obligation
    bonds issued by Memphis
    are rated A+ by Fitch. The agency had upgraded the rating outlook for Memphis' general
    obligation bonds from stable to positive in April 2008 to reflect
    substantial improvements in the city's financial operations.


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