Indiana Bonds (Indiana Municipal Bonds)

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Indiana bonds (Indiana Municipal Bonds) are a relatively safe investment option because they are backed by the government. Indiana municipal bonds come in a wide variety including revenue bonds, industrial development bonds, general obligation, lease/purchase financings and refunding. Indiana bonds offer tax-free income to investors. Interestingly, when you reinvest that income you can generate tax-free compounded returns.


Indiana Bonds (Indiana Municipal Bonds): Indiana Bond Bank


Indiana bond bank is a self-supporting quasi-government entity, established in 1984 by the General Assembly. It operates as a financing conduit. It provides assistance to local government to obtain funds for their projects at low costs. The bank buys bonds from communities and pools them and further issues them in the open market. This enables communities to obtain savings by way of ‘economy of scale’ and sharing of fixed costs. The Water Utility Revenue Bond Program of the bank helps 501-c-12 not-for-profit utilities in issuing debt.


Indiana Bonds (Indiana Municipal Bonds): Getting a Good Price

It is important to compare prices of various bonds before investing; just as professional buyers do. It is not as tedious process as it may seem, all you need to do is pick bonds that have same maturity and quality and compare their yield to maturity. Buying bonds actually means buying yield. It is crucial to bear in mind that even a difference of one year in maturity can have entirely different results. The quality and maturity have to be same. One should neither think like a stock investor nor worry about dealer’s extra income

Indiana Bonds: Popular

Here are some popular Indiana municipal bonds:


  • Indiana Finance Authority Health System Sisters St Francis Health; Coupon/Interest Rate: 5.250% and Maturity Date: 2039-11-01

  • Indiana Municipal Power Agency Power Supply Series A; Coupon/Interest Rate: 5.000% and Maturity Date: 2029-01-01

  • Clinton County Industry Building Corporation; Coupon/Interest Rate: 4.300% and Maturity Date: 2023-08-01

  • Wash Industry Community School Building Corporation First Mortgage; Coupon/Interest Rate: 4.250% and Maturity Date: 2023-07-15

  • Indiana Bond Bank Revenue Special Program Carmel Junior Waterworks Pj-b; Coupon/Interest Rate: 5.000% and Maturity Date: 2020-06-01

  • Hobart Industry Building Corporation First Mortgage; Coupon/Interest Rate: 6.500% and Maturity Date: 2016-07-15




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