Central Bank of Iceland

September 8, 2010Central Banksby EconomyWatch


The Central Bank of Iceland is the central bank of the country. The bank was established in the year 1961. Though the bank is being owned by the state, still it acts like an independent organization with separate administration.

The important functions of the bank are as follows:

  • Issuance of Notes and Currency
  • Maintaining foreign exchange reserves
  • Helping to implement the Government policies
  • Acting as a banker to the treasury and institutions
  • Ensuring a smooth functioning of financial market
  • Regulating the monetary and fiscal policies

Apart from this, the central bank of Iceland takes deposits from commercial banks, savings banks, and branches of foreign deposit institutions and other institutions and companies.

The Address and Contact details of the bank is as follows:

Central Bank of Iceland

Address: Kalkofnsvegi 1 IS-150 Reykjavík ICELAND

Phone No.: ++354-5-69 96 00
Fax: ++354-5-69 96 05

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