Banco Central del Ecuador (Central Bank of Ecuador)

September 8, 2010Central Banksby EconomyWatch


The Banco Central del Ecuador is the Central Bank of Ecuador established with a mission of promoting the Ecuadorian economic development. The bank plays a very significant role in managing the monetary and fiscal situations of the country.

The bank performs the following important functions:

  • Issuance of coins and notes
  • Adopting suitable monetary policy to check the money supply
  • Maintaining integrity, transparency, and security of the resources of the state
  • Controlling the debt level in the country
  • Facilitating the banking system

The bank through various monetary and financial instruments regulates the financial sector of the country by guarding the spending level and by having its hand on the competitiveness of the Ecuadorian exports on the other.

The bank from time to time has undertaken various steps to improve efficiency by continuously incorporating technology.

The address and contact details of the bank is as follows:

Banco Central del Ecuador

Address: Casilla 339 Quito ECUADOR
Tel.:++593-2-57 25 22
Fax:++593-2-95 54 58


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