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September 8, 2010US Banksby EconomyWatch



A brief introduction to President Choice Banking:

President Choice Banking offers a wide variety of facilities. President choice daily banking facility comprising of the "no fee bank account" renders banking services to individuals for free.

By availing the various President Choice Banking facilities, one may save up to $150 every year. There are few banks which may claim to offer services for free.

One must be very careful before taking the plunge because these banks may not be transparent in fees and charges. Very likely, there may be hidden costs and fees.

By availing of President Choice Banking services, one may enjoy availing free checks, one is not required to keep a lower limit balance in the President Choice Banking account.

A President Choice Banking account holder can avail of the welfares of the no fee banking account in the following reference:

  • Online banking can be availed free of cost. Telebanking is also another option one can avail of under the President Choice Banking. This service is offered all 7 days of the week.
  • Transactions are all free under the President Choice Banking norms.
  • Checking transactions are free. Also one can avail of limitless checks.
  • Payments of bills is also free at President Choice Banking.
  • A President Choice Banking account holder can retrieve information about the transaction taking place on a monthly basis through bank statements.

Bank statements can also be availed online.

However, one may want the bank statements to be made available to the residential address for a meager fee.

  • The rate of interest offered by the President Choice Banking services offers a healthy rate of interest.
    Recent trends suggest that a bank account holder puts in all effort to look for a bank which offers the benefit of a healthy saving strategy as well incentives.

    President Choice Banking offers the both to it's the President Choice Banking account holders.

    A President Choice Banking account holder can also avail an overdraft security. With this overdraft security provided by President Choice Banking services, one may avail of a loan.

    In order to avail of the facilities offered by President Choice Banking, one is not required to stand in queues.

    Instead the President Choice Banking account holder can adopt the following ways to bank with the President Choice Banking service provider:

  • On line banking or Internet banking:

    Accessing the Internet is a child's play. One can easily bank online and avail of the innumerable services of President Choice Banking.

  • Tele banking or telephone banking:

    Be it internet banking or tele banking, both ways it saves time and energy.

  • ATM(automated teller machines):

    Automated teller machines have become indispensable these days.

    If properly operated it can be one of the easiest ways of banking with President Choice Banking services even if a President Choice Banking account holder is away from a branch.

    • In order to protect the customer from the consequences of a misplaced card or a stolen card, the President Choice Banking norms assign a daily withdrawal limit from the bank machines.

    The President Choice Banking system is well equipped with all the facilities for the customers. One needs to utilize them in the proper manner.

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