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September 8, 2010Online Banking and Internet Banksby EconomyWatch


Wells Fargo Online Banking is a highly secure way of hassle-free banking. It makes the process of finance management easier and convenient to handle. Wells Fargo Online Banking is the Online provision of all sorts of banking products and services associated with the Wells Fargo group of financial companies. This Online facility has made it possible for the customers of the bank to avail all types of bank related products and services by clicking the mouse of their home PC. Wells Fargo Online Banking has brought the bank inside the premises of its revered clients.

But now the question comes, what are the facilities that a customer of the Wells Fargo Online Banking are endowed with? So, let us do a review of the same.

The different products and services a customer of the Wells Fargo Bank can afford are given below :-

  • A customer could verify and get updated about his/her account with the Wells Fargo Bank. Not only this, the customers hooked to the online banking services of Wells Fargo are entitled to download the latest account activities to the software of their personal computer.
  • The customers are also entitled to get hold of the transaction statements through Online channels. But by subscribing for the same will allow them to have their statements Online only and would not receive any paper statement via mail here-after.
  • Transfer of money from one account to another (either inter bank or intra bank) can be performed by the customer through Wells Fargo Online Banking.
  • Monetary deposits can also be done through the Online mode by the clients.
  • Bank charges many kinds of fees with certain provision of services. These fees can be paid by the customer through a click of the mouse from their personal computer of home or office.
  • In the international sphere, Wells Fargo Online Banking has formulated international banking services for its revered customers. The various products and services associated with this are :-
    • Oversees Banking facility
    • Transfer of money on an international sphere
    • Foreign Exchange


  • Some of the very crucial services associated with the Wells Fargo Online Banking are
    • Overdraft protection
    • Customized services can be ordered online such as online request of certain documents, orders, advance of direct deposit, certain alerts, quicken and money, etc.
    • Images of the checks, already paid, can be viewed online by the customers
    • Alerts are given by the Wells Fargo Online Banking to its clients whenever there is a requirement for the same.


  • Online brokerage service is another field which makes the business more easy to perform.
  • Personal finances can be managed in a more efficient manner by availing Wells Fargo Online Banking through construction of savings plan by talking to the experts of the bank. The spending report of the customer can also be monitored by him online round the clock.

Now, let us go into some details associated with some of the products and services offered by Wells Fargo Online Banking.

  • Online account activity helps the customers by saving their time. They don't have to go to the bank premises for availing the products and services. The customers can now access all heir bank account details by a simple click of mouse. Wells Fargo Online Banking helps its revered customers in monitoring their account round the clock. Some of the aspects that can be verified by them are
    • Checking the current balances
    • Customer can verify all sorts of transactions performed in his account right from deposit to withdrawals to payments.
    • All the details associated with the loan (such as rate of interest, due date of payment, information about the escrow, etc.) can verified.


  • Online Statement availability is a secured and fast service offered by Wells Fargo Online Banking. This service helps the customer to get rid of the stacking of paper statements. They can view all the detailed transaction statements by logging on to their personal account online. These statements are equivalent to the paper format statement and can be used as a document for the taxes, record keeping, etc. In case of hard copy, the customer can easily take a print out of the same directly from the net. In addition to this, the customers can also avail confirmations of trade, documents on tax, investment account statements on an annual basis. The online statements are available to the customers for a period of seven years. All these services related to online statement access attracts no additional charges and hence are free in nature.
  • A very important service is viewing of the image of the check. This service helps the customer to confirm that the payment through check has definitely taken place. This canceled check image serves as a document for confirmation of the check payment.
  • The customers could avail the Wells Fargo Online Banking services for chalking out a detailed plan for savings. This helps them to formulate the future life style of the person concerned. Not only this, the regular and updated reports on spending can be accessed by the clients of the Wells Fargo Bank. This helps them to formulate their next moves on spending. In addition to these, the customized services can also be ordered online. These involve reordering of checks, request for changing the existing address of the customer, overdraft protection request, etc. The funds can also transfered from one account to another within the Wells Fargo Bank. This process can be availed online by the customers and so makes the process hassle-free and fast. For availing these services the customer needs to sign up for banking account, investment account and/or loan or line of credit. All these online services are free in nature.
  • Wells Fargo Online Banking offers its revered customers of the facility of investing through online from either from their home or workstation PC. The resources and associated tools offered by the company are of high quality. The brokerage schemes tagged with such services can be accessed by them through their Internet. The contract notes or the brokerage statements can be availed by them through online channels. Their personal account can be viewed by them at any time of the day and could place their orders and do all the required activities for managing their accounts. This online brokerage account also gives them the facility of transferring funds from their bank account to the brokerage account. All these help the investor in making informed investment decisions. For availing these services, the customer needs to open a brokerage account with Wells Fargo Online Banking. This will entitle them to receive suggestions from the knowledgeable financial consultants.
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