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Scotia Bank Online Banking is the online banking facility given by the Scotia Bank. It offers all types of banking services, brokerage structure details, and online application facilities. Transactions can also be made through Scotia Bank Online Banking. This online service makes all the banking related works free of paperworks. Scotia Bank Online Banking helps its customers in

  • making their bill payment hassle free and quick
  • keeping a proper track of the transactions taken place in the personal accounts
  • managing their respective mortgages
  • investing in RSP

The Scotia Bank Online Banking helps the customers with a personal account as well as having small businesses. The customers can avail the facility of transferring money from one account to another in a very fast pace. The details about the account can be downloaded from the Scotia Bank Online Banking site to the personal computer.

Not only transactions, the customers can also avail the details of the mortgage, associated rate of interest, date of maturity, etc. The loans meant for the students can also be viewed online. If a customer is interested in modifying the payment option of mortgage then he can do it very easily through the online services. The limits of the visa credit cards offered by Scotia Bank Online Banking can be hiked by simply applying for it through the online route.

Scotia Bank Online Banking gives guarantee to its customers on online security of the accounts by giving word to the clients for reimbursing the account holder's account with the amount of money, which has been deducted from the same without any prior authorization.

Scotia Bank Online Banking also gives its customers the opportunity to invest in various investment avenues such as mutual fund of the Scotia Bank called Scotia Mutual Fund and the general insurance of the company (Scotia GIC).

In addition to the above, the brokerage services are also available online both at a real time basis and on a delayed basis. The financial planning can also be done by a customer through Scotia Bank Online Banking by setting and ranking of goals in accordance with the priorities, balancing the budget constraint and the flow of cash, reduction of debt (if any), etc.

Scotia Bank Online Banking gives certain guidelines to its revered customers from saving their accounts from any fraudulent practices. This includes personal carefulness regarding the use of the user name and password. A customer should never share the user name and password alloted to or chosen by him with anyone else. The customers are also advised to use the online statements rather than the paper ones because the paper works may be picked by others from the mail boxes. In addition to this, the customer should check their respective customer accounts on a regular basis and need to report immediately to the bank authority in case of any suspicious activity.

Scotia Bank Online Banking also supplies its customers with specific guidelines for using the computer and the Internet. Scotia bank emphasize on using anti virus and firewalls in the PC through which the bank account is accessed. In addition to this, the customer should update their anti-virus softwares on a regular basis in order to avoid any information theft.

The customer can also get hold of certain services associated with the Scotia Bank Online Banking such as checking of the available balances on a real time basis, reordering of checks through online services, imaging of checks through online services, bills could be paid by utilizing the online services

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