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September 8, 2010Online Banking and Internet Banksby EconomyWatch


PNC Bank Online Banking is the banking service provided through the Online route to the customers and the account holders of the PNC Bank. The clients can get access to their accounts from any place according to their convenience. The most happening aspect of PNC Bank Online Banking is that it can be accessed on a 24x7 basis, that is, round the clock and all through the week. Thus, this service is available to the account holders and the customers of the bank all through the year.

Account holders of the PNC Bank Online Banking can access the details of their accounts from any corner of the country at any time. For this they don't have to reach the bank premises for availing the service. In addition to the account detail access, the customer is entitled to view all the necessary details of all the transactions in the concerned account or accounts.

The next very important feature of the PNC Bank Online Banking is Online statement generation. The account holders can access their statements from the Online route through e-mails. These online statements are easy to preserve and are given the same weightage by all institutions when it is being used for any sort of documents. For the case of documentation need, the account holder of he PNC Bank Online Banking only needs to take a print out of the same from the designated website of the bank directly from the Online channel. In addition to this, the PNC Bank also facilitates its account holders to download the transaction history of their respective accounts in the software of their personal computer. This helps the customer to preserve the transaction details as long as they wish.

PNC Bank Online Banking provides its customers the facility of reminders or alerts, as they are known commonly. These alerts are meant for reminding the customers regarding the balance in their respective accounts. For example, if the balance in the account of the account holder reaches the zero limit or becomes negative, then the PNC Bank Online Banking sends e-mail alerts to the account holder for reminding him the same.

Now, the very useful aspect of PNC Bank Online Banking is the bill payment facility through the Online banking route. The customers don't have to queue up for giving the same or they don't even need to write checks, fill it up in the envelope and paste postage stamp on it. The Online process has made this Online bill payment facility hassle free and convenient for use. For doing the same, the customer needs to give instruction to the bank for carrying out the payment. But for availing this service, the customer needs to enroll himself or herself for the same. After the enrollment, the customer is entitled to receive bills and pay for the same through the PNC Bank Online Banking. This system also involves alert facility. Whenever there is any type of bill in the name of the account holder then the concerned customer receives a reminder or alert from the bank in order to inform him about the same.


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