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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 8 September 2010

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Natwest Online Banking is high end technologically advanced online service provided by the renowned bank called the Natwest Bank. This service can be availed through out the year and all through the day and night. The products and services offered by the bank can be categorized into broad departments such as Day to day ones, savings and investing section, borrowing and insuring. Natwest Online Banking facilitates the account holders of the bank to access their accounts through the Online channel from any of their convenient places provided they are well equipped with a personal computer along with a secured Internet connection.

The most important and significant part of Natwest Online Banking includes:-
  • The balances available in the account of the account holder can be viewed by himself or herself through the online channel on a real time feed. This update can be seen on a per minute basis.

  • The statements that were been issued in the paper formats are now been generated through Online and is sent to the designated account holder through the Online channel in the electronic format (generally regarded as e-mails). These statements can also be viewed by the account holders after they log in to their banking website. These statements are updated on a per minute basis.

  • The bills on various heads can be paid by the account holders by utilizing the Natwest Online Banking facilities. This entitles them to receive as well as pay the bills through the bank.

  • Money can be transferred by the customer of the bank among the different accounts of the bank. It helps them to make payment to others through this Online channel in a hassle free and convenient manner.

  • Standing orders meant for the payment of the bills can be set up by the account holders of the Natwest Online Banking.

  • When ever there is any type of payment related specification then the bank customer care sends Online alerts through e-mails. This helps the account holders in managing their bills in a better and efficient manner.

  • The security of the personal information associated with the Online banking are protected by the Natwest Online Banking through the implementation of advanced online technologies.

  • The banking services provided by the Natwest Online Banking to the account holders through the telephone is a free and automatic service. This can be received by them through the Actionline facility.

  • The Natwest Online Banking is made available to the account holders free of cost and attracts no extra charges or fees.

For getting hold of the online banking facilities of Natwest Online Banking, a customer needs to enroll himself for the same by filling up an Online application form. This process requires only a couple of minutes for filling up. This facility can also be availed by them by calling up the customer care services of the bank whose number is 0800 88 11 77.

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