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Chase Online Banking gives the account holders of the Chase Bank greater personal financial control and convenient banking. This facility can be availed by the customers at all times. In addition, this twenty four hour banking service can be accessed from any where right from home to the work station premises provided the customer has a personal computer along with a secured Internet connection. Chase Online Banking account holders can get hold of all the Online services provided by the Chase Bank. This Online banking facility entitles a customer of the bank to access and view his/her

  • savings account
  • checking account
  • credit card
  • mortgages
  • loans for automobiles

Now, let us see some of the services offered by the Chase Online Banking :-

  • Bills can be paid by the customer through the Internet from anywhere (home or work place or road) provided he/she has a PC along with online connectivity in it. This process is known as Online Bill Payment.
  • The already cleared checks known as the canceled ones can be viewed by the customers through Online. The image of such canceled checks can not only be viewed but can also be saved online or directly be printed out of the online site. This helps the person from the accumulation of the papers. At the same time, this facility is fast in this supersonic competitive age. Subscribing for this service attracts no additional fees or charges. All the account holders of savings or checking accounts are entitled to such viewing, saving and printing of the images of the checks.
  • Alerts of different kinds can also be set by the account holders for reminding them of certain situations or positions of their accounts. These alerts come handy to the customers for making their accounts a bit more secure. The customer can get hold of Security Alerts of Chase Online Banking for avoiding the fraudulent practices routed through online channels. Not only this, the free alerts are also available for reminding certain important bank account related positions such as due date of certain payment, present transaction, outstanding payment particulars, etc.
  • Chase Online Banking also provides its revered customers with the online generation of the statements. The paper statements cause certain problems for the account holders through stacking up. But with the online generation of the same are much more convenient to manage. At the same time they are very much valid as documents. The customer then only needs to take out a print out of the same directly from the online site. The online statements come in PDF format and can be accessed by the customer at any point of time of the day. These pdf format online statements can also be saved in th personal computers for further references.
  • A unique guaranteed payment option offered by the Chase Online Banking is called as Overnight Check. It helps its customers in making payments at the last minute.
  • The ATM service provided by the Chase Online Banking is one of the fastest and one of the most secured ones. These ATM transactions can be accessed through online channels besides the normal ones.

To get hold of all these facilities, the account holder needs to enroll himself/herself for the same. After this the services they are meant to get are :-

  • The customers can view all the present and historical transaction details (for the past three months) of his/her own account. These transaction details can also be downloaded to the personal computer of the account holder. This downloaded material can also be printed if it is required in any type of the documentation.
  • The customer of the Chase Online Banking are privileged to send the requisite funds to any account of any US bank which in itself is a USP for the Chase Bank because of its rarity.
  • The account holders are able to transfer money from one deposit account to the other within the Chase Online Banking.
  • Checks can be reordered by the clients.
  • The payments made through the paper checks can be stopped.
  • All possible types of transactions can be searched on the basis of date and amount of money.

Chase Online Banking provides the accounts of the account holders with all sorts of security. The online service gives its account holders with the flexibility and convenience to manage their own accounts. It also offers the facility of depicting the account with a nickname so that the customers are able to easily identify their own account. The customers of the bank can also enquire from the online bank help desk. They can also log on to the website for viewing the frequently asked questions. Customer service of Chase Online Banking can be accessed its banking customers through email facilities.The security services include a guaranteed payment option which assures the customers to feel secured with their money. The bank assures them that in case of any type of unauthorized utilization of the deposit account of the customer the bank remains liable to square off all the replaced amount from the account. Thus, the guarantee is 100%. But certain restrictions are also attached for availing this 100% guarantee option, such as

  • The customer has to report such snag within two days of occurrence of the problem.
  • The customer should close the system completely before leaving the computer, otherwise it becomes easier for the thief to do all the nuisance and consequently siphon off the money from the account holder's account.
  • The customer is required to take extra pre-caution in maintaining the secrecy of the identification number and password of the concerned account holder.

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