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September 8, 2010Banking Lawby EconomyWatch


Banking law journal equips an individual with the knowledge of the latest incidents and happenings pertaining to the banking industry. The banking law journal is very handy for the legal people around the globe.

The banking law journal provides extensive information on the different banking laws all over the world.

Every day some reformation or the other keeps on taking place globally in the banking sector.

With the help of this one is able to keep oneself abreast with information of interest for attorneys, different banking officials, latest developments in the banking world.

It's also has instances of several case studies, incidents from every important and prominent jurisdiction.

The banking law journal also has several pages dedicated to the experiences and expertise which the senior attorneys have addressed.

Practical suggestions on the case studies and various guidelines given by eminent banking law attorneys adorn the several pages of the journal law.

Published about ten times in one year, the banking law journal revolves around the following topics:

  • Uniform commercial code issues
  • Financial institutions reform
  • Financial institutions regulations
  • bankruptcy
  • consumer protection and privacy
  • trusts and estates

The editor in chief of the journal law is Steven A. Meyerowitz. Steven A. Meyerowitz has contributed a lot in law firm marketing.

The primary job of Steven A. Meyerowitz is compiling all the different works of the eminent authors and giving it the form of an article which can be published in the banking law journal.

Brochures, by lined articles newsletters etc., are all integrated into the banking law journal.

In order to avail of a copy of the banking law journal one can either subscribe and order for the banking law journal through postal service. One can also order a copy of the banking law journal through the Internet or online.

One can own a copy of the banking law journal for $77.05. This banking law journal is published by A.S Pratt.

There are other banking law journal publisher as well like:

  • Thompson financial publishing

There are various other banking law journal to choose from. The following provides a list of different banking law journal of different countries:

  • Bankers Magazine. (0005-545X)
  • Bankers Monthly. (0005-5476)
  • Bankers' Magazine. (0005-5441)
  • Bankers' Magazine. (0005-5468)
  • Banking Law Journal. (0005-5506)
  • Banking World. (0737-6413)
  • Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin. (0005-5174)
  • Bank of Korea Quarterly Economic Review.
  • Bank of Montreal Business Review. (0005-531X)
  • Bank News: the banking magazine of the central states. (0005-5123)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia Monthly Review. (0005-5328)
  • Bankers' Magazine of Australasia. (0005-5468)
  • Bank of Sierra Leone Economic Review.
  • Bank of Thailand Quarterly Bulletin. (0125-605X)
  • Banker. (0005-5395)
  • Bank of Papua New Guinea Quarterly Economic Bulletin.

In addition to the banking law journal, one can also go through the banking law journal digest.

It's digest provides extensive information on the issues, principles, critical factors in the leading bank cases. It provides a gist of the guiding federal as well as state decisions of the court in the banking law, trusts, bankruptcy, secured lending, commercial papers.

It also provides articles which are of practical interest to the banking attorneys and bankers.

The banking law journal digest has the case digest under the following headings:

  • Letters of credit
  • Investment securities
  • Secured transactions
  • Real estate loans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Trusts
  • Banking generally
  • Commercial paper
  • Deposits and collections

The author of the banking law journal digest is James H. Pannabecker.
Mr. James H Pannabecker is the author of several other banking law articles ans has several publications to his credit pertaining to the banking sector.

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