Wamu Bank Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support (Washington Mutual) Resources

April 21, 2010by EW Content Team


If you have been a customer at the Wamu Bank for some time now then you know that Washington Mutual no longer exists. The bank was taken over by the JP Morgan Chase Bank in the fall of 2008. What this means is that when you phone the Wamu Bank Customer Service Center you are speaking with a Chase employee and not a Washington Mutual rep.

The friendly and helpful staff at the Wamu/Chase Customer Service Department is available to assist you around the clock as their office is opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a question about anything the staff is easy to reach by telephone. Whether you have a question or issue concerning your existing bank account or whether you would like to open an account, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and place a call to the Wamu Bank Customer Service Center.

Wamu Phone Numbers and Support

To reach someone at Wamu/Chase phone 1-800-788-7000. As previously mentioned, the office is open around the clock. If you are calling about an existing account then dial one. You then must type in your account number at the telephone prompt and you will then be transferred to a representative in customer service. If you do not have an account but are calling to learn more about how to apply for one then dial one for account information.

For existing account holders, when prompted for your account number enter the number one 10 times followed by the number sign (#). You then must enter the number one four times followed by the number sign (#) in order to get to the phone access code. You may have to repeat this process more than once. Be patient with it and you will be successful in your attempts to talk to a live person.

If you run into problems and are told that what you have done is invalid you may be told that you can enter your social security number as an alternative. You can do this or you can enter the number one 10 times again followed by the number sign (#). Finally after all of your efforts you should be transferred to a person at the bank.

If your account is a new one and you must call the customer service center at Wamu then phone the same number, 1-800-788-7000. In order to reach a human being who can help you press 4 on your touch pad, followed by 2 and lastly, number 1.

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