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April 26, 2010by EW Content Team


The National Westminster Bank Plc is often referred to as NatWest. It is a retail bank located in the UK that has been a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc since the year 2000. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc began in 1968 and was a result of a merger between the National Provincial Bank and the Westminster Bank.

NatWest is considered to be one of the big Four clearing banks. Its network is vast. It has 1,600 bank branches and 3,400 cash machines scattered across Great Britain. NatWest offers 24 hour online banking services as well as its 24 hour Actionline telephone service. The financial establishment has in excess of 7.5 personal customers and 850,000 small business accounts.

The friendly staff at NatWest Bank Customer Service are always ready to serve you. When you choose to bank with NatWest you can start saving money right away. The online banking service the bank offers is easy, fast and offers the ultimate in convenience. It is an excellent way to manage your finances. NatWest offers its customers a variety of choices when it comes to bank accounts.

Phone Numbers and Support    

To start learning everything you can about the National Westminster Bank visit the website at If you are looking for a way to save your money then consider one of these NatWest options- ISAs for tax efficient savings, instant access savings for flexible access to your funds or fixed rate bonds or fixed term savings which gives you better returns from locking your money in.

If you are an existing customer at NatWest and you have a specific question about your account then it is necessary for you to call your local branch or drop by and see someone. Use the Branch Locator at the website to find the closet location to you if you do not know already.

Here are some important numbers for the NatWest Bank:

General Product Information

National Number
0800 200 400

Overseas Number
+44 121 635 1592

NatWest Credit Card and Student Credit Card

National Number
0870 333 9091

Overseas Number
+44 870 333 9091

NatWest Gold Credit Card

National Number
0870 333 1993

Overseas Number
+44 870 333 1993

NatWest Platinum Card, Advantage Premier Card and Chargecard

National Number
0870 909 3715

Overseas Number
+44 870 909 3715

Card Loss Centre

National Number
0870 60000459

Overseas Number
+44 1423 700 545

When you need to speak with a professional at the NatWest Bank Customer Service just pick up the phone and call. Someone is waiting to talk to you today!

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