Juniper Bank Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Resources

April 26, 2010by EW Content Team


Founded in 2000, Juniper Bank was sold to Barclays Bank in 2003 and is now known also as Barclays Bank Delaware.
To access Juniper Bank Customer Service, phone numbers and support are available through the Juniper Bank website at By following the “Customer Service” link at the top of the page, customers can access several different avenues with which to communicate with a Juniper Bank representative. The “Customer Service” page offers answers to several “Frequently Asked Questions” or FAQs to include the categories of credit card basics, questioning merchant transactions, downloading transactions, account alerts, balance transfers, transactions, and payments, convenience checks and cash advances along with additional information. Links are provided on the left side of the “Customer Service” page to email information, telephone information, and postal mail information.

Customers wishing to send an email message to Juniper Bank customer service should log in to their online system in order to send a secure account related question. Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours, however a representative will notify the customer of approximately when a reply will be received to inquiries that require more research. Website and technical questions can be emailed to

Automated telephone services can be accessed by calling 1-877-523-0478 to check current balance, check available credit, pay credit cards, check most recent payments, check minimum payment due, check payment due date, transfer balances, change PIN, and check credit card transactions. Live customer representatives can also be reached by calling this number between 6 am and 2 pm EST.

Those who prefer to contact Juniper Bank via written correspondence can send General Correspondence to Card Services PO Box 8801, Wilmington, DE 19899-8801. Credit Card Billing Disputes can be sent to Card Services PO Box 8802, Wilmington, DE 19899-8802. Customers should be sure to include contact information and a return address in the correspondence in order to ensure proper routing of their response.

Lost or stolen Juniper Bank cards should be reported to 1-877-523-0478. Cards that have been lost or stolen should be reported immediately, customers will need to supply suspected location, date and time of loss along with recent activity information, and the police report information if the card was stolen.
Much information can also be provided by email. Giving Juniper Bank a valid email address will ensure that their messages and alerts will reach the customer in a timely manner. By setting up account alerts, customers can readily know when payments are due and when payments are available online. Special offers and recent notices about account changes are also often sent by email.

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