IBC Bank Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Resources

April 26, 2010by EW Content Team


The IBC Bank (which stands for International Bank of Commerce) first began in 1966 in Laredo, Texas. The bank’s purpose in the beginning was to help small businesses to get on their feet and to stay that way. Today the bank has expanded its reach and now also offers personal banking accounts to consumers beside the business banking accounts it has offered since the beginning.

Some examples of the personal banking accounts the IBC Bank offers its customers include the personal checking account, the savings and investing accounts, the loans and credit account and the personal insurance facility. To further subdivide the personal checking accounts here are some of the types that are available for customers to choose between. They include:

•    IBC Bank Personal Free Checking
•    IBC Bank Personal Great Value Checking
•    IBC Bank Personal Interest Checking Account

The IBC Bank website found at www.ibcbank.com has a plethora of beneficial information. You may not have to look any further to find out what you require. There is information about personal banking, business banking, a free zone, mortgages, international banking, mortgages, insurance and investments.

The Online Center at the website has much to offer its customers. Here is where the sign-up is, as well as the Bill Pay and Mobile Banking. The Help Center can also be accessed from this section as can information regarding online banking security. If you are new to online banking or are thinking about signing up for it but are a little uncertain then you can watch demos from the same page to learn more.

Phone Numbers and Support

The IBC Bank Customer Service Department is there for you if you encounter any problems with any of the accounts you have with the IBC Bank. However in order to reach IBC you must put in a call to the branch closest to you. The call is not toll free.

If you are looking for an individual branch of the IBC Bank or an in-store listing in the city you live in then look to the Branch Locator on the website for further information. Another option if you prefer is to send an email to the IBC Bank Customer Service. You can do so at wedomore@ibc.com.

Here are the phone numbers for two of the main offices of the IBC Bank in Texas:

IBC Laredo
1200 San Bernardo Ave.
(956) 722-7611 (Monday to Friday)
(956)726-6630 (Saturday)

Commerce Bank
5800 San Dario
(956) 724-1616

Both of these offices are located in Laredo, Texas. When you are looking for a banking establishment that deals in smart money, look to the IBC Bank.

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