Household Bank Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Resources

April 26, 2010by EW Content Team


When you bank with a financial institution it helps if it has a household name that you can trust. With the Household Bank you get just that. The Household Bank actually belongs to the world’s local bank which is the HSBC Bank or the HSBC Finance Corporation.

For a little background, HSBC was founded in 1865 and it has grown and developed into one of the largest financial institutions the world over. At the present time it boasts 9,500 offices in as many as 79 countries and territories. The HSBC Financial Corporation is a member of the British HSBC. In the United States it happens to be the sixth largest issuer of both Visa credit cards as well as MasterCard credit cards. HSBC evolved from the Household Bank or what was known as Household International. The banking giant continues to expand its operations all of the time. It is presently expanding its consumer sector by way of the HSBC Group into Argentina, Brazil and India.

Phone Numbers and Support

Locating a phone number or numbers for the Household Bank Customer Service Department is not a simple task. If you need to contact the friendly and courteous staff in regards to a bank account or a credit card then your first course of action should be to visit the HSBC website found at The website contains plenty of useful information. In fact you may find it such a valuable resource that you will not have to place a call to the Household Bank Customer Service Department at all!

The Household Bank also has a website which you can access at Here you will find relevant information about the types of credit cards the bank has to offer its customers, as well as card member benefits and the application process. You will also find information about how to manage your account online and know-how about the online bill pay service. If you want to see your statement or any of your transactions then that can be accomplished when you choose to do online banking with Household. Contact the Household Bank Customer Service Department through their website or phone them for more information.

Here are some numbers that may be of use to you:

Customer Service

Lost or Stolen Cards

Hearing Impaired (TDD)

Technical Support
(Monday to Saturday, 8 AM- Midnight EST)

Outside the United States
(This is not a toll free number)

When you need a bank that will work for you then trust your money to the Household Bank. Call or email them today to learn about the products and services they have to offer. 

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