Bank of New York Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Resources

April 26, 2010by EW Content Team


After merging with Mellon Financial Corporation in 2007, The Bank of New York Company Inc. became BNY Mellon. Focused primarily on assisting its clients in managing and moving their financial assets, BNY Mellon is one of the top asset management and securities companies in the field. With headquarters in New York, BNY Mellon serves the needs of Institutions and Corporations, along with those of private clients and consultants and advisors.

In addition, BNY Mellon also offers private banking services for individuals and families, they include deposit and cash management services, credit and lending services, along with brokerage services with around the clock account access. They provide online banking which allows customers to readily access their account information and effortlessly manage their funds. BNY Mellon has locations in 34 countries and 54 cities, and service more than 100 markets across the world.

For those wishing to contact Bank of New York Customer Service, phone numbers and support can be found by visiting the BNY Mellon website -  . By choosing the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the main web page, customers can send their questions and comments directly to BNY Mellon using this email form. It is necessary to enter a name, email, address and phone number in order to ensure an accurately routed response. It is also important to enter a time frame during which the customer service representative can reply.

Sending personal information is discouraged, however, due to the fact that this mode of communication is not entirely secure and can be intercepted by a third party. Questions of a particularly sensitive nature should be instead directed to Customer Service by calling (212) 495-1784. Likewise BNY Mellon never requests verification of credit card numbers or account information via email. Emails of this nature should be flagged and BNY Mellon should be contacted immediately if there are any concerns.

Customers who wish to contact a BNY Mellon representative in person can search for branch offices by following the “Locations” link at the top of the BNY Mellon main page. From here users can either use the world map to select a country or continent, or if they prefer  they can choose a country or region from the left side bar menu. This option returns another list of links according to states or countries within that region. Clicking on those states or countries will display a list of BNY Mellon locations, along with their postal addresses, local phone numbers, and sometimes the offices hours and whether or not it is a full service location. Their corporate office headquarters can be reached by dialing (212) 495-1784.

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