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April 29, 2010Agricultureby EconomyWatch


Agriculture report allows an individual to keep oneself informed about the latest happenings in the agriculture industry.
There are many companies which deal in agriculture.

The various policies adopted by these agriculture based companies, the policies followed etc are all made known to the common man by the agriculture report.Agriculture report consists of information pertaining to shares in the market, size,opportunities in agriculture, prospective growth features in the European countries and United States of America, Asia and other continents segmentation etc.

Given below is a list of agriculture based companies and their agriculture report.

  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc,

Report on patent mapping. The main activity of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings producing cigarettes in the United States Of America.

The marketing is done by RJ Reynolds Tobacco company, which is a subsidiary.

Winston, Doral, Salem and Camel are the main brands.

  • Reynolds American

Report on Competitive Benchmarking
The agriculture report generated by this company ascertains the closest rivals of the company in various spheres associated with products, performing financially, Unique selling points or USP etc.,.

  • Terra Industries Inc.

The agriculture report generated by the Terra Industries Inc. contains information pertaining to the agriculture industry in the worldwide scenario.

  • Mosaic

Report on Competitive Benchmarking The agriculture report generated by Mosaic reflects the companies product schemes, Unique selling points or USP, coverage of geographical areas, financial functioning.

  • Reynolds American Inc

The agriculture report generated by this company highlights the agricultural history of a particular region, products offered by the company, structure of the farming operations etc.,.

  • Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco generates agriculture report highlighting agricultural opportunities, the recent agricultural trends, implementing new ideas for the betterment of the agricultural industry.

The agriculture report gives an individual insight in to the agricultural industry scenario. The farmers can immensely benefit from the agriculture report.

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