Ministry Of Agriculture Malaysia

April 29, 2010World Agricultureby EconomyWatch


Ministry of agriculture Malaysia primarily deal with agricultural activities like crop, paddy, livestocks, irrigation, agriculture drainage, business, and enterpreneurship. Beside all these, minister of agriculture Malaysia also handle activities like agro tourism, setting up agriculture park etc. Some of the other functions of ministry of agriculture Malaysia are conducting agricultural courses, publishing statistical reports regarding agricultural production, managing global business and enforcing policies and law

Malaysian agricultural scenario

Agriculture plays a major role in the growth of Malaysian economy. Malaysia is the world's main exporter of natural rubber and palm oil. Beside this, Malaysia is also famous for it's logs and timber, pepper, cocoa, tobacco, pineapple. Out of these products, palm oil earns the maximum revenues from the foreign market. The main crop of malaysia is rice. Ministry of agriculture Malaysia set up some measures and guidelines to enhance the agricultural productivity. Agriculture ministry also enact some laws and regulations for the steady flow of agricultural activities. Some of the major agricultural activities of ministry of agriculture Malaysia are:

Setting up agricultural policies, agricultural programmes and schemes, pricing policy, publishing agricultural statistics etc. Beside all these activities, ministry of agriculture Malayasia also concerned with the production management and marketing policies, like organizing the research work to improve crop production etc.

Policies: Ministry of agriculture Malaysia set up some agricultural policies to improve the agricultural productivity of it's country. Agricultural policies include organizing support programmes to provide assistance during emergency period, some motivational schemes to increase the productivity etc.

Programmes and schemes: Agriculture programmes include some systematic planning for preparing agricultural production reports, organizing programmes on drought management, macro management etc. Ministry of agriculure Malaysia also sets up programmes on resource management and prepares marketing strategies.

Pricing policy: Producers are the key persons involved in agricultural productivity. That is why, to secure the farmers economically, ministry of agriculture Malaysia has enacted a pricing policy through which farmers will get good price for their products.

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