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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 29 April 2010

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Ministry of agriculture Jamaica is the authority for promoting, developing, using and controlling of agricultural products in Jamaica. Ministry of agriculture Jamaica has enacted some policies, strategies and guidelines to facilitate the agricultural development process of the country.
Objectives of ministry of agriculture Jamaica
The objective of ministry of agriculture Jamaica is to elevate the agricultural development mechanism by taking help of modern technologies and make the agricultural sector a profitable industry. They have decided to make this sector a competitive one by optimally using fertile lands and maintaining resource management policies. Some other targets of ministry of agriculture Jamaica are promoting food security, land distribution.
Research and development
One of the main activities of the ministry of agriculture Jamaica is to encourage the research works to promote the yielding and quality of crops. The other aspect of research project is to generate cost-effective technique for the high yielding of agricultural products. The research and development division of ministry of agriculture Jamaica is working to increase the efficiency and competitiveness. Research works are going on the fields like pest identification, plant health and production, soil condition etc.

Human resource development programme: Part of the development activities under ministry of agriculture jamaica is to efficiently utilizing the human resources of the country. Proper utilization of human resource can be a great help in developing agriculture products.

Management policies: Ministry of agriculture Jamaica also maintains some management policies like disaster management, land management etc. to protect and secure the growers and people of Jamaica while they are in crisis period.

Agricultural policies and planning: Ministry of agriculture Jamaica also deal with agricultural policies and planning methodologies to accomplish a comprehensive framework for the agricultural development and promote investment and job creation.

Land policies and planning: This division of ministry of agriculture Jamaica deals with minerals policies, land administration and development etc.

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