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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 29 April 2010

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Ministry of agriculture India is primarily concerned with activities like enacting policies and planning, managing irrigation and formulating business strategies. Other activities of ministry of agriculture India include looking after the activities like irrigation management, pest management, etc. The ministry of agriculture India is also adopting several measures to boost the agricultural production by taking help of information technology.
Policies and programmes
Some of the major programmes and policies of ministry of agriculture India are:

Cotton development programme, minikit (a type of crop) programme for rice, wheat, oilseeds production programme, maize, oil palm, oilseeds and pulse development programme etc. One major programme include integrated programmes for development of horticulture. National horticulture board normally handles these matters. This department also deals with matters like human resource development in horticulture.

Some effective schemes have also been adopted by ministry of agriculture India to promote and control of seeds, fertilizers etc. Some policies setup to strengthen the quality of fertilizers. Pest managment is also an effective activity of ministry of agriculture India.
Training and research activities of ministry of agriculture India
Ministry of agriculture India also enacted some policies to train farmers regarding protection of plants. They are also organizing some training activities to strengthen and use of farm machinary etc. The ministry of agriculture India also encourages the research works regarding high crop yielding mechanism, plant protection etc.
Agricultural businsess activities
Ministry of agriculture India also look for matters relating to exporting of agricultural products. They are also organizing some educational training programmes to technically educate the growers of India.
Natural disaster management
Ministry of agriculture India also have some strategies and schemes to distribute foods in the affected areas of the country during the period of scarcity, crisis or natural calamity like drought, flood, or during over raining. The other major activities of ministry of agriculture India is to smoothly operate the public distribution system (PDS) to evenly and properly distribute the food products among the people of India.

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