China Agriculture

April 29, 2010World Agricultureby EconomyWatch


China Agriculture is one of the most important sector of economy and as the statistics suggest the China Agriculture provides more than 12 percent of the total Gross Domestic Product or the GDP in the country.

More than 300 millions people in china are related with China Agriculture which is almost 50 percent of the total work force that China has got. If the ranking is taken into consideration then China Agriculture is considered as the top country in farming output. The China Agriculture produces wheat, rice, potatoes, peanuts,millet, cotton and many other things.

China Agriculture according to statistics provides the biggest output compared to other countries in the world but only 15 percent of the total land available in China can be cultivated. This available land is divided into nearly 200 million household and at an average everybody has nearly 1.6 acres of land in their part. This shortage of cultivating land has often created trouble in its history as the country has faced severe food shortage at various moments.

It is observed that more than 75 percent of the total cultivated land is used for producing food crops. Among the available cultivated land, rice, which is the most important food crop in China Agriculture is cultivated on almost 25 percent of the land available. Cultivation of rice is mainly available in places like Yangtze Valley, Huai River, Zhu Jiang Delta and many other places.

Wheat is considered as the second most important crop in China Agriculture and it grows on almost all parts of China but specially in places like Wei, Fen River, Loess plateau etc. Crops like millet and corn are also grown in various places in the China Agriculture.

Potatoes are also considered as important part of the China Agriculture and one can find various species of potatoes being cultivated in China. Oil seeds are also cultivated in a large quantity and is often exported as well. China Agriculture also gets a lot of revenue from the exportation of Tea that they produce in many places of China.

Other than these products China Agriculture also produces things like fish, flex, jute, meat and other things. The China government also offers many kind of facilities for the people who are related with China Agriculture.

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