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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 29 April 2010

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Texas Agriculture is something very very crucial because Agricultural Industry is the second largest industry in Texas. The major portion of Texas land is used for agricultural production. According to a study there are more than 220,000 farms in Texas each having a average Farm Size of 575 acres.

Texas Agriculture has got the 1st rank in United States for cotton production. Other than producing Commercial Crop or Cash Crop like Cotton, Texas Agriculture also produces Food Grains like Wheat and Corn.The development of Texas Agriculture has been possible because of the long growing season of Texas. Texas has a varied climate and extent of rainfall also differs in various regions. In addition with these diversity, Texas also shares 1100 soil categories.

This Diversity in Texas Agriculture actually results in enormous productivity. Diversified climate structure, diversified soil quality leads to Specialty Crop Production. These Specialty Crop Production has given Texas Agriculture many rankings and ratings which are the proof of the wealthiness of Texas Agriculture.

  • Texas Agriculture has got 1st ranking in production of Spinach.
  • It has got 2nd ranking in producing Honeydew Melons and Blackeye Peas.
  • It has acquired 3rd ranking in production of Cabbage, Cucumber and Celery.

The Specialty Crop Production in Texas has lead to establishment of specialized agricultural industries.Such a specialized agricultural industry which can be mentioned is Grape Industry which contributes millions of rupees and generates high volume of employment.

Texas Agriculture supplies food which satisfies the nutrition need of 101 U.S citizen and 28 people abroad. So, Texas Agriculture can be referred as the sector which provides most affordable and healthy food supply in the world.

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