Basic Elements of Agrarian Reform Program

April 21, 2010Agrarian Reformby EconomyWatch


The basic element of agrarian reform program include land reform where measures are taken with respect to the security of tenure, abolition of tenancy, imposition of ceilings and many more which are discussed in the following section.

Agrarian Reform

Agrarian Reform can be defined as a change to improve the agrarian system of the nation, that includes agricultural activities like redistribution of agricultural land to cultivators, extending credit, irrigation and institutional development. The agrarian reforms also aim at providing marketing facilities and human resources.

Basic Objectives: Agrarian Reform Program

Agrarian reform programs are primarily designed to facilitate agrarian reform activities like land acquisition, land distribution, land management and encouraging the growth of feasible agrarian reform communities.

Impact: Agrarian Reform Program

Agrarian reform program, if properly implemented can improve the quality of life of rural people. Agrarian reform program primarily provides basic infrastructure with an intention to increase agricultural productivity and household income of the rural poor people, which will eventually enhance the economic condition of the nation. The programs will also strengthen the farmer-organizations and consequently empower the rural poor people by protecting their rights.

Basic elements of Agrarian reform program

The basic elements of agrarian reform program include reform of the land tenure structure, the supporting services structure and the production structure.

Some other basic elements of agrarian reform program include designing a systematic plan of action to eliminate rural poverty, redistribute lands among the landless and other supportive acts that can make the land reform program a self reliant one.

The basic components of agrarian reform program also includes units of measurements like man-land ratio, size of the farms, distributive structure of landholdings and reform of agricultural production structure.

The other significant components of agrarian reform program include support to agrarian reform communities, basic healthcare services, primary education services, water supply services, infrastructural support. The program also directs to enhance the technical capacity of project individuals and socio-economic conditions of the rural poor people of the world.

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