Land Reform In The World

April 21, 2010Agrarian Reformby EconomyWatch


Land reform in the world has brought about several changes in the economy of different countries. It has been able to minimize poverty throughout the world.

There are many activities related to land reform. Some of the land reform measures common to all the countries include:

  • Land tenure reform
  • Re distribution of land
  • Collective farming
  • Ownership reform
  • Land Management

With regard to re distribution of land a particular ceiling is fixed so that there is equitable distribution of land. However, the landlords try to manipulate re distribution for their own benefits. This leads to rampant exploitation of the peasants. Land reform includes issues concerning ownership as well as title rights.

In the following section we have briefed the land reform measures that are undertaken by the different countries of the world.

I) Latin America-

Brazil: Brazil experienced the Landless Worker's Movement during the 1990s. This has helped in making some advancement in matters related to land reform.Chile:Land reform in Chile flourished during the tenure of Salvador Allende between 1970 through 1973. Approximately, 198 acres of land was disinvested.

II) North Africa-

Egypt:There was disinvestment of about 15 percent of arable land during the 80s. However, land reform lost its significance when the population deviated from agricultural activities.

III) Europe-

France:Land reform gained importance when the French Revolution was about to end.Sweden:There was regulation of tenant farming in the 20th century. It was decided that the duration of tenant farming would be for a minimum period of 25 years.

V) Asia-

Japan:Passed in the year 1873, Chisokaisei is the name given to the first Land Tax reform in Japan. The second land reform was introduced in the year 1947. It is known as Nochikaiho.Taiwan:Land reform was introduced in the year 1950. This was the period when the Nationalist government took over. Land reform in the world gets different responses in different parts of the world. The essence however remains the same and that is bringing all sided development of any country.

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